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Why Join?

Image courtesy of Olive Street Development, LLC

 As real estate investors or associated businesses, we all know that having a good network is part of the game.  Having people to turn to with questions, assistance or simply some moral support in tough times is important.  Becoming an LBA member is not only a good investment in your business but a fun way to stay connected to other investors!


As an LBA member, you’re part of a network of local real estate investors.  Specific member benefits include:

  • Quarterly Networking meetings 

  • Newsletters with local investing insights

  • Free initial consultations with our Attorney, Stanley Komack

  • Discounts at local retailers and services.

  • Oil and Propane Discount purchasing program.

  • Discounts on home and building insurance.

  • Discount on HVAC repair and installation through Sandri.

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